Magnum Voyager Review – $2.4k

Magnum Voyager Review - .4k

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Magnum Voyager Review - .4k The Voyager is the latest fully-equipped commuting ebike from Magnum, with a high-step frame but otherwise identical to the step-thru Navigator, standard one-year warranty and two eye-catching accent colors. Excellent rack with plenty of mount points and included bungee, sturdy alloy fenders are expertly mounted with no noticeable rattle, bright lights are great for night riding and safety, 576 watt-hour battery provides enough range to leave the charger at home for most commutes. Hybrid electronics setup blends the convenience of a Class 2 throttle with the speed of Class 3 pedal assist, impressive 95 newton-meters of torque from the DAS-KIT hub motor, Tektro hydraulic brakes provide great performance with minimal maintenance. Only available in one size which may not fit smaller riders, lights are powerful but must be activated manually, power assist levels "wrap around" from 6 to 0 which can be frustrating when accidentally triggered.

This in-depth review was not sponsored by Magnum or any other company. My thanks to eBikes USA in Denver Colorado for providing access to their Magnum inventory for producing this review! If you’re in the market for an electric bike in the Denver area I highly recommend this shop for their expertise and available inventory.

0:00 Introduction
1:21 Tool-Free Adjustable Stem
2:22 Rack, Fenders, Lights
4:37 Saddle & Suspension
5:25 Drivetrain
6:20 Top Speed & Ebike Class Settings
6:45 DAS-KIT Motor
7:05 Wheels and Tires
8:25 Cockpit, Display & Controls Overview
11:35 Pedal Assist Behavior
12:23 Integrated Battery
15:14 Ride Test Begins: 3rd Person Angle
16:05 Riding Without Electric Assist
17:05 Throttle & Motor Closeup
18:18 Pedal Assist
19:56 Stability & Frame Flex
20:27 Ride Comfort
21:45 Outro

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Magnum Voyager Review – $2.4k
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